Requirements to work on a Cruise Ship

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If you are thinking to work on a Cruise Ships then you need to fulfill all the basic requirements to work on a Cruise Ship. Like Age, Height, Weight, Qualification, Experience, Communication, Skills & knowledge, Documents, etc.

Requirements to work on a Cruise Ship

If you really passionate to work on a cruise ships then you need complete all the criteria.

According to a private survey, today almost every 3 seconds there is a new job opportunity in the hospitality industry and Cruise Line is one of that.

Most people want to earn good money in a short time and people think Cruise Line is one of the best ways to earn good money in a short time.

Cruise Ship Age requirements

Minimum Age Limit to work on Cruise Ship

To join a Cruise Ship job you should be a minimum of 21 years old to work as a crew member. If you are below then 21 years then you are not eligible for Cruise Ships Job.

Some of the companies will promise to hire you if you are below 21 years but most probably they are fake agency because as per United State labour low if someone below 21 then he/she not eligible to work on Cruise ships.

Maximum Age Limit to Work on a Cruise Ship Job

See most of you are not sure about what maximum age limit to work on a Cruise ship job and every day someone searching for this. As per my experience and knowledge, there is no maximum age limit to work on cruise ships as a staff/ crew member.

If I share my personal experience then I have been worked on board with different-different age groups of peoples.

On a average age of crew members, you will find onboard is between 25 years old to 45 years old. If we will talk about Ship Captain, Staff Captain, Hotel Director then they are between 40-65 years old.

So there are no maximum age limits to work on a Cruise Ships and the minimum Age limit is 21 years old. These are the basic requirements to work on Cruise Ships.

Height Requirement For Cruise Ship Job

Most of you have lots of quarries about height requirement for cruise ship job, height is a just myth about cruise job. There are no such requirements for cruise ship jobs, but yes you will have to presentable as per company policies.

On the cruise ship, your communication, grooming, skills, and knowledge are very very important, not height.

I have been worked with 5 feet guys and smaller than this girl as well. So I believe If you fulfill all the needs about cruise ship jobs then you must apply for same.

Weight Requirement for Cruise Ship Jobs

Weight could be the reason for cruise ship jobs, If you are over-weight then you might be not able to work on a cruise ship as a crew member. You need to pass your medical exam for a cruise ship job, and over-weight is a big reason to reject from cruise jobs.

If you are under-weight then you may work on a cruise ship, Even I have been work many crew members with an under-weight but not even single with over-weight.

Qualification to Work on a Cruise Ship

You can join cruise ships if you are even 10th passed but for a good profile, you should be 12th passed from any board or university. If you are a graduate from any board or University, then it will be a firm profile.

Specialty will be a key to success on cruise ship but a good qualification will help you to get good profile.

If you want to work in a hotel department like, Kitchen, Guest service, Food and Beverage service, Housekeeping, etc. Then you should be a graduate to get better career option on cruise ship at beginning.

Someone from engineering then he/she should be graduate with good experience and good knowledge.

On-Board most of them start their career from scratch level but If someone with good qualification and good knowledge with good experience can start little better positions.

Experience Required to Work on a Cruise Ships

If you want to work on a Cruise Ships then you should be a minimum of 1 to 2 years relevant experience. In some cases, someone with one year of experience can apply if the hiring agency mentioned on processing criteria otherwise you can not apply.

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Can Fresher Apply for Cruise Job

Working on a cruise ship with no experience is a myth, If you are a fresher and thinking about a Cruise ship’s Job then I will suggest you get experience first then start applying for Cruise Jobs. Because 99% of the hiring agent don’t hire fresher crew members for Cruise Jobs.

Why most of the cruise company not hiring fresher crew members because they want crew members like known with the technical things. They don’t have enough time to teach freshers because the number of guest on board are very high and they want service beyond guest expectations.

Communication and Skills

If you have really good communication written as well as speaking then this job for you. Because onboard will be international crew members who will work with you. The guest will come on board will around the world and they all preferred the international language that is English.

Skills and Technical knowledge also should be on tips so that you can do upselling for the company growth. You can also explain better to the guest.

Documents Required for Cruise Ship Job

One of the most important things is documents, If you have missing one single document then you can not fly for Cruise jobs. This is why documents are very very important for Cruise Ship Jobs. You Need many documents like Passport, STCW Certificate, Medical, Police Clearance Certificate, Indian CDC( Continuous Discharge Certificate), BSID, C1D Visa, etc.

BSID is called Biometric Seafarers Identity Document

All the above documents are vital/essential for Cruise Ship Jobs, If you have a passport now, then you are eligible to apply for Cruise jobs.

You can make all the documents after your job selection as per the given time period but before apply for Cruise jobs you must have a passport with you.

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