Is SID Card Mandatory For Seafarers? Seafarers Identity Document

SID is a Seafarers Identity Document Card, Is SID Card Mandatory for Seafarers or not? So SID is not mandatory for joining any kind of Ship so far but SID is mandatory document If you wish to renew your expiring STCW Courses or Your Indian CDC.

I just travel January 2023 from New Delhi to USA for Joining crew ship and Came back from Port Canaveral USA to New Delhi on September 2023 and I found no one asked me anything about SID Card.

But Recently I got an notification from DG Shipping that SID is mandatory document for renewing your STCW and Indian CDC.

What Documents are Required for Applying for SID Card?

Seafarers Identification Document Card is very important documents for seafarers and the documents required for Seafarers Identity Document is Print Report, Original CDC, Original Passport and Receipt of Payment. At the SID Center you need to show all these documents and they will verify all these documents and they will capture your biometric data.

And the DG Shipping SID fees is Rs.300 Only which you can pay only and you can reschedule your appointment up to three time at same money.

If you want to reschedule due to any reason then you will have to cancel your present appointment date after that you can reschedule again.

But in any case you are going to take fourth time appointment then you will have to pay SID fees again and after that you can take fresh appointment.

Where to Go for SID Appointment in Delhi?

SID Office in Delhi is in Noida Sector 1 with the name of MMD Noida and the address of MMD Noida Sector 1 is below-

MMD Noida Office Address

Address:- 3rd Floor, IWAI Building, A-13 Sector-1 Mayur Vihar, Block A, Noida, UP-201301

MMD Noida Nearest Metro Station And How To Reach MMD Noida?

MMD Noida nearest metro station is Noida Sector-15, and from there you need to exit from gate number-1.

Metro Station Noida  Sector-15

Once you exit from gate number1, then you will see the board of UDYOG MARG, Mahatma Gandhi Chock and Police Choky Gol Chakar Thana phase-1.


From there keep walking for 2-3 minutes and take your left from the first cut, After walking few step you will see ATM of HDFC Bank and SBI bank on your right side.

ATM of HDFC Bank

Next to ATM you will see English Wine Shop and just opposite of English Wine Shop you will see MMD Office.

English Wine Shop

At the gate of MMD you can ask security for your visit purpose and ask the permission to visit for your appointment.

MMD Office

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