Royal expecting to resume on June 12, 2020

Well, Royal Caribbean also decided to extend the suspension of sailing of their all ships. They are suspending all the ships till June 11, 2020 and Royal plan to return to service on June 12, 2020.

Royal Caribbean concerned about health and safety of guest as well as crew members on board and said your safety will be our top priority. They apologize for extending suspension of all ship and said we are terribly sorry and understand your disappointing.

Why Royal Caribbean extend their suspension again

See, last week on April 9, 2020, CDC announced the modifications and Extension of No Sail Order for All Cruise Ships. CDC working with Cruise Line to address the health and safety of guest and crew members on board as well community surrounding United State.

This is why Royal Caribbean suspend their all ships sailing till June 11, 2020 and they are expecting to return to service on June 12. Here what i believe, this is just an expectation of Royal Caribbean that they will resume on service on June 12, 2020. Its not only Royal Caribbean most of the cruise company are expecting same.

To See Carnival Expecting to Return to Service on June 27, 2020

But when CDC( Center for Disease Control and Prevention) announced No Sail Order for all Cruise Ships at that point of time CDC did not mention any certain period of time to resume of service. They just announced till further notice all the Cruise ships are extended.

The share market prices are falling dawn day by days of all Cruise company and it will be very hard for then to recover this crises. This global pandemic is effecting every sector around the world like tourism sector, Share market etc.

Why royal Expecting to return on july

See because of this global pandemic most of the port are also announced to remain close till further notice. That’s why Royal Caribbean announced because of port closures, we expecting to return to service for Alaska, Canada and New England sailings on July 1, 2020.

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