Cruise Ship Job Interview Questions and Answers

cruise job interview questions and answers

Hello, friends in this article we will learn the basics to advance Cruise Employment Interview Questions and Answers. Most of you’ve got no idea about cruise employment interview questions and answers that’s why you bought rejected it. While giving answers to those questions you would like to be very polite and clear together with your voice.

We all know the demand for cruise jobs is increasing day by day because the cruise industry is also growing.

On a Cruise ship can work anyone either he/she from hospitality industry or not.

Most Common Jobs on Cruise Ships

I will give you just department names which are common on a cruise ship, If I miss something it’s doesn’t mean that department is not there. You can ask me by comment below any query you have.

  1. Food & Beverage Department like waiter/ess, Assistant waiter/ess, Restaurant Steward, Buffet Steward, etc.
  2. Bar Department like Bartender, Bar waiter/ess, Bar boy, etc.
  3. Housekeeping Department like Stateroom Steward, Room attendant, Assistant stateroom steward, hotel utility, etc.
  4. Food & Beverage Production ( Kitchen) like Chef de Cuisine, Chef Tournant, Cook, Assistant Cook, etc.
  5. Casino Department like Casino Dealer, Slot attendant, etc.
  6. Security Department like Security officer, Security guard, etc.
  7. Deck Department like Deck Steward, Officers, etc.
  8. Guest Service Department like Guest Service Associate, Guest Service Supervisor, etc.
  9. Spa & Gym Department like nail technician, hairdresser, etc.
  10. Cruise Department like Cruise Director.
  11. Shore Department like Shore Excursion.
  12. Photographer.
  13. Human Resource/ Personnel.
  14. Finance Department.
  15. Entertainment department.

What You Need to Remember During Interview

  1. You need to be very polite.
  2. If anyone going for an interview, they need to speak loud and clear.
  3. Your appearance should be well-groomed.
  4. You should look confident not confused.
  5. Everyone should be on or before time.
  6. You should follow the instruction given by the interviewer.
  7. If the interviewer gives a chance to ask anything then ask at least 1 or 2 questions if you have any queries.

Cruise Job Interview Questions and Answers by Nbcruiser

Here I try to cover all the Cruise job interview questions and answers which is possible to ask by interviewers, If I miss anything please let me know. I will not go with the technical questions department wise but yes I will try to mention the most common.

Q.1. Tell me about yourself.

Answer. You just need to brief yourself in short, crisp, and clear. The Interviewers want to know how you can describe yourself.

  • Start with your name,
  • Give your place information,
  • Education details but in short,
  • Job experience if any,
  • Family detail in short.
Tell me about yourself

Now you can make your answers accordingly, I believe these points will be very easy for you to make your introduction. If the interviewer wants to listen more then you can tell about your weakness, strength, your hobby, etc.

Q. 2. Why do you want to work with Cruise Line?

Answer. Before your interview you need to google the company, you just need to know about what the company is when to build it, where is the head office, who is the founder and CEO, etc. After that, while giving the answer to this question you need to focus on:

  • You need to explain what you like about Cruise Line,
  • Relate it to your long term career goal on a Cruise ship,

You can connect your feeling with this company and tell them “It will be a golden opportunity to be a part of a Cruise Company like yours. When I google about the company I found that my skills matching your requirements, Where I can enhance my technical skills to contribute to the company growth”.

When you answer like this, I am sure the interviewer will think twice about you that you are the candidate who is thinking about company growth first then yourself.

Q. 3. What are your strengths?

Answer: All the companies want to know about your strengths and how your strengths will be beneficial for that company. So while giving such kind of answers you need to mention many points which is very common in everyone like:

  1. Honest: you can say you are very honest with your company and with your work.
  2. Self Motivated: Here you can say I am self-motivated.
  3. Hard Working: you can say that I will work with dedication and determination.
  4. Flexibility: It means you are very flexible to work with any location, any situation, and any environment.
  5. Optimistic: It means you have a positive attitude.
  6. Persistence: It means you are regular in your work.

Now you can give 2-4 examples to your interviewers which is most common in you. I believe these qualities are found in everyone.

Q. 4. What are your weaknesses?

Answer: This also a very important question in which interviewers want to know your weakness because your weakness can affect the company profile or your job profile. They may not hire you so while giving such kind of answer you can include some positive points, even it is a weakness but it should be positive.

  • I can cot say no when someone asks for help.
  • I trust people very quickly.
  • Straight forward.
  • Get nervous when talking to strangers.
  • Take the decision very quickly.
  • To speak lies is difficult for me.
  • More talkative

We all know, more than 90% of companies are selling only two things, one is their service and another is their product.

Q.5. What are your career goals?

Answer. 8 out of 10 interviewers will ask you about your goal and when you want to see yourself after a certain period of time. So while giving such kind of answer you need to be given only:

  • Short term goal and
  • Long term goal

For Example: “My future goal is to be during a respectable position therein organization” and My short term goal is to urge employment during a reputed company where I can utilize my skills and knowledge”.


Q.6. Why are you looking for a job change?

Answer. The Interviewer wants to know that why are you living your current organization and what is the reason behind your job change. So well see some point here while giving such kind of answers.

  • Always thanks to your previous organization.
  • Explain what you learn from your previous job experience.
  • Relate it to your career goals.
  • Share your reason for job change.

Like: “I am very thankful to my previous company because I have learned lots of things from there. According to me, change is necessary for everyone to enhance your skills, knowledge, and personal as well as financial growth. And your organization is a very good platform where I can learn more”.

Q.7. What do you know about ____Cruise Line?

Answer. Before you give such kind of answer you need to google these points:

  • Study about the company in brief.
  • Name the name of Company owners and CEO.
  • Research about company current issues.
  • Study about their competitors.

All the above points you can find on google and make sure while giving such kind of answer you need to be very confident and polite.

Like: “It is one of the fastest-growing comping. The work environment of the company is also very good. People feel very proud to be part of the company, As a company provides full support of their employees in the professional front”.

Q.8. What is your expectation with our company?

Answer: This is the most important point for you because if the interviewer will thing this candidate is good for the company then they will put you this question. So while giving such kind of answer you need to remember a few things:

  • Never share your salary expectation if you are a fresher because it might be you do not your market value.
  • Experience candidate can share their expectations, If you have some experience then you are free to share what you expect from this company.
  • Always says as per the company norms. Either you are a fresher or Experienced because every company has its own salary structure.

Like: “If you are a fresher- I am a fresher and salary is not my first priority. This is really a big platform to start my career and I also want to improve my knowledge and gain experience. so my expectation is as per company norms which help me to maintain my economic needs“.

If you have experience: “I have 5 years of experience in ______ and my current CRC is 5LPA, Salary has never a big issue for me still I am expecting as per company norms as per my designation, my qualification, and my experience. Which can help me to maintain my personal and financial needs“.

Q.9. What is three bucket system?

Answer. Many interviewers can ask you this question because on board this is the system that is followed by every department to maintain the hygiene level.

  • Washing, Rinsing, and Sanitizing
  • They add 100 PPM chlorine in water during sanitizing. PPM(Part Per Million).

If there is any medical issue onboard like nose running, Diarrhea, etc then they use 200 PPM for sensitization otherwise always 100 PPM.

Q.10. What are Red, Yellow, and Blue Bins?

Answer. This is the system of garbage segregation process in which they use different bins for different garbage Like:

  • Yellow Bin is use for paper and wooden waste.
  • Red bin use for Cans, bottle, etc.
  • Grey bin use for food waste.
  • Blue bin use for plastic waste.

Q.11. How often/long do you wash your hand when you are on duty?

Answer. If you are on duty then you need to wash your hand “at least 20-30 second every time“.

Q.12. Will you be able to work 7 days a week with no time off for at least 6-8 months?

Answer. You have to say yes only, For Example: where I am working currently there is nothing like that, and every month we get off a minimum of 4-5. But if I get a chance to work on a Cruise ship then I can work with no time off for at least 6-8 months.

Q.13. Are you willing to share your cabin/room with your co-workers?

Answer. Yes I can share the cabin with co-workers.

Q.14. What Is USPH?

Answer. USPH( United State Public Health), It is a primary division of department of health, education and welfare.

Conclusion: So I hope this article will help you to crack your interview. Today Cruise Ship Job Interview Questions and Answers. Its include many cruise job interview questions and answers like 14 most popular question and answer.

If you think this article is helpful for you please comment me below, It will motivate me to provide you more content about Cruise and Cruise Jobs.

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