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entry level cruise ship jobs

Why are you looking for an Entry Level Cruise Ship Jobs? Let me explain a few facts about cruise ship jobs. The Cruise Ship Jobs are high in demand and huge competition. Everyone wants to earn money at the same time you can travel the world and explore the sea. This is the region you all want to work on a cruise ship. Entry Level Cruise Ship Jobs is the best option to start your career in a cruise ship.

To get cruise ship jobs is not so easy for anyone this is why you need to start your career from an entry-level job in a cruise ship.

Entry Level Cruise Ship Jobs is very hard work, Its not easy to work 10-12 hours daily with no off in a week. Mostly include cleaning, Sanitizing, contact with chemicals for cleaning purposes, etc.

But If you survive yourself for at least one to two contracts then your life will be more easier onboard.

Entry-level cruise ship jobs is a scratch level jobs onboard, It means this job is a base level jobs on a cruise ship.

There are many post department have entry level jobs in cruise ship which you will see below.

Entry Level Cruise Ship Jobs

Onboard you will find different departments to start your job as an entry-level job in the cruise ship. Like Galley Utility, Hotel Utility, Bar Utility, Youth Staff, Cruise Staff, etc.

1. Galley Utility

Position Level:-Galley Utility Job is a scratch level job profile in a galley department.

Department:- Galley/Kitchen

Job Profile of galley Utility:-

  • Galley utility job profile will be deep cleaning of assigned area Like:-
  • Pot wash cleaning,
  • Dish-wash cleaning,
  • Floor cleaning, cutlery,
  • Crockery cleaning,
  • Glassware cleaning,
  • Garbage collecting,
  • Need to learn the use of chemicals during cleaning, etc.

Job profile of galley utility is very important to keep all the area neat and clean which help to increase the life of the ship.

Salary of Galley Utility:- Salary depends on company to company policy, It could be different in different company. The average salary of galley utility is $500-$900 USD. A big company pays more a small company pays less, So if you have an option to choose then go for big. Big companies are NCL, RCL, Carnival, Disney, MSC, etc.

Requirement to Join as a Galley Utility:– Basic communication, Minimum two years of working experience, minimum education should be secondary schooling, etc.

Note:- Before applying for a cruise ship job You must know the Basic requirement of working on a cruise ship.

2. Bar Utility

Key Responsibility of Bar Utility:-

  • Bar Utility is one of the key job profiles in the bar department Like:-
  • Bar utility is responsible for the cleaning of the bar,
  • Cleaning glassware.
  • Collecting all the garbage from different bars,
  • Preparing garnish, ensure that enough alcohol in the bar,
  • Pick up the store in advance If need, etc.

Position Level:- Bar Utility Job is a scratch level or Base Level job profile in a bar department.

Department:- Bar

Bar Utility Salary:- Salary of a bar utility is a very basic salary in the bar department because it is a scratch level job profile. The average salary is between $500-$900 USD depend on company to company.

Basic Requirement to Join as a Bar Utility:– Good communication skills, Minimum two years of working experience, minimum education should be secondary schooling, etc.

Bar Utility Interview Questions:- International Beer, Single malt whiskey, Classic cocktail, Champagne, French wine, Vodka brands, etc.

3. Restaurant Steward or Buffet Steward

Key Responsibility of a Restaurant Steward or Buffet Steward:-

  • Cleaning of all the restaurant and restaurant area,
  • Need to work in a Buffet restaurant and In the buffet lines to refill the food in line,
  • You may need to work in night shift for cleaning the restaurant machines like coffee machine, milk machine, juice machine, etc.
  • You may work in a crew mess or staff mess.

Position Level:- Restaurant Steward or Buffet Steward is a scratch level job profile in a restaurant department in a Cruise Ship.

Department:- Restaurant

Restaurant Steward or Buffet Steward Salary:- Salary always varies from company to company but an average salary is $600-$980 USD.

Basic Requirement to Join as a Restaurant Steward or Buffet Steward:

  • Minimum 2 years of working experience in four or five-star properties.
  • Good communication skills,
  • Degree or Diploma in hospitality

If you do not know the pros and cons of working on a cruise ship then you must read before applying for cruise ship jobs.

4. Hotel Cleaner/Hotel Utility

Responsibility of a Hotel Utility:-

  • Hotel Utility is responsible for cleaning all public area,
  • Hotel utility is responsible for collecting all the garbage from different locations of the ship.

Department:- Housekeeping Department

Salary of a Hotel Utility:- An average salary of a hotel utility is $450- $750 USD depend on company to company.

Requirement to work as a hotel utility:-

  • The minimum qualification should be secondary school.
  • Basic communication skills,
  • Minimum experience should be one to two years experience.

Finding an entry level job is very easy now days but finding a very trusted agency for cruise ship job is very hard.

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There are many Entry-level cruise ship jobs onboard which have almost similar role but different department. Here are some more entry-level positions:-

Cruise Staff, Youth Staff, Stage Crew, Personal trainer, etc. These all have similar salary as per company norms.

If you want to start your career as an entry-level job then you must start with NCL, RCL, Carnival, etc.


how to apply for cruise ship jobs

See everyone looking for cruise ship jobs but just because we are not much familiar with how to apply for cruise ship jobs we do some common mistakes. And today I am here to guide you each and every step about how to apply for cruise ship jobs.



We all know the demand for cruise ship jobs are increasing day by day and at the same point, there are many unauthorized manning agent working as a manning partner. And every day some of you got scam by these fake agencies that are why I got some genuine agencies around the world who are authorized by hiring partners.

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The Hiring Process Include Many Steps:

  • 1. Browse the Employment Agencies website closed by your home.
  • 2. Submit your online application, which is mandatory for everyone. For cruise ship hiring, online application is very important. You can not visit directly to any hiring partners office for interviews or jobs. You need to follow the process. For online application you need to submit: Personal information, Qualification, Total experience, and a CV( Curriculum Vitae).
  • 3. Await a response regarding the status of your application via Email/Telephone.
  • 4. If your application accepted, get started with the client interview and Final interview. The agencies will keep updating you about your process.
  • 5. If you are selected then you need to start the documentation process which includes: Passport, STCW certificate, CDC( Continuous Discharge Certificate) Bahama CDC or Belize CDC, Police Clearance Certificate, Medical, Yellow Fever Vaccination, and Visa (C1D visa/ Shenzhen visa).etc.
  • 6. Once you are done with your process, welcome you on your new life at Sea.


  1. Visa fees = $160, Visa fees could be refundable means some of the company refund the visa fees and Medical fees. It depends on company to company.
  2. STCW and CDC fees= $ 300, its approx 300 USD need to double-check with your hiring partners.
  3. Medical =$100, Medical feed could be 100-150 USD which depends on company requirements.
  4. Flight tickets: See flight tickets depend on the hiring company. Most of the company will ask you to pay one side ticket expenses if it is your 1st contract.
  5. But if you got selected for Norwegian Cruise Line then no need to worry about your ticket expenses, Medical fees, and visa fees. NCL will provide you flight details and medical fees and Visa fees will refund one you are on board.